The ROOT Method

Go from feeling like a digestive MESS (miserable, exhausted, stressed and stuck) 


to a

Wellness BOSS (balanced, optimized, supported and self-confident) with a  customized approach.

The Root Method

I understand what you're going through, because I've been there myself. 

The Digestive Distress to Success Program with

the Root Method was designed to provide you with the support that I never had when I was struggling. 

Your symptoms aren't normal. You know that and so do I. they aren't things that you "just have to live with". These symptoms of bloating, brain fog, reflux, fatigue, gas, diarrhea, skin issues, headache, mood, difficulty losing weight and so much more are like the branches of a tree and our gut is the trunk and roots. Without a strong, healthy root system the tree won't thrive.


If we don't tend to the roots and nourish the soil, it's just going to be one trial after another to tend to the branches.  



the first step towards reducing those stubborn symptoms you've been struggling with a plan that is customized to you. 

Discover what's going on in your body so that you can start looking forward to each morning with a renewed sense of excitement for the day.

Discover exactly what foods & food chemicals are linked to your symptoms.

Get ready to:

Up-level your confidence in understanding about digestion, the microbiome, the immune system and inflammation and so much more

Introduce new excitement and knowledge of how impactful food and nutrition is on your body and your life with my mini-courses to help deepen your understanding of how our gut influences our overall health.


how to seriously start slashing those symptoms without the guessing or trial & error. 

Gain clarity by discovering a root cause of your symptoms through food so that you can start being in the moment with your family, friends and reduce your symptoms so that you can enjoy your personal and professional life while being present for all the moments that matter.


We will focus on the foundation of customized anti-inflammatory eating.

Get ready to:

Gain clarity on what foods and food chemicals are causing your symptoms


Feel confident  in the transformation that is about to happen for you


Understand the best foods and progression of foods to heal your gut in a way that will work best for you


your gut, calm inflammation &


irritation to keep seeing your symptoms subside

Within 2-3 weeks, women are feeling 50-80% better. 

I'll help you enjoy eating again in a more mindful, intuitive way from a place of satisfaction and upgrade your relationship with food. A positive relationship with food is crucial for a sustainable, long-term lifestyle change through food. 


I'll guide you with a customized, done-for-you plan so that you can say YES to that trip & quality time with family & friends without fear of your symptoms telling you NO.

Typically, within 2-3 WEEKS women are feeling 50-80% BETTER. 

 Get ready to:

​​Ditch the mindset of fad dieting

Guide yourself to a positive relationship with food using my 10 Mindset + Healthy Habit Hacks


Build a solid foundation and confidence in your new lifestyle and eating plan


Receive continuous support with 8 virtual visits during your customized program.

Receive a Food, Fluid, Feelings e-Tracker.

Weekly e-communication for support, questions and answers


your body so that you can better digest & absorb the nutrients your body needs to thrive.

I'll help you boost your confidence with my 10 digestive health pillars so that you can feel comfortable with sustaining this new lifestyle plan for the long-term.

Once you see the relief of your symptoms, you won't want to go back! 

After focusing on healing, let's start nourishing your gut. You will now learn how to continue building new foods into your life. 


Also, the lining of the gut can become quite impaired from stress and the inflammatory response. When it's properly nourished, it can better absorb nutrients.

Get ready to:

Uncover the secrets to success while building a  more expansive eating plan. 

Reduce the overwhelm with access to recipes aimed at promoting continued healthy digestion and reducing inflammation.


with your new customized Lifestyle Eating And Performance Plan. 

I'll help you increase your confidence in managing your diagnosis so that you can regain the intimacy and connection with your partner that you've been missing.

Master and expand on your new lifestyle with confidence. With a well established, customized plan in place, you will stop trying to guess and eliminate various foods without success, trying supplements and not being sure if it's right or not.  We will focus on rebalancing, not just your gut health but overall lifestyle and mindset to help you

find balance in your new lifestyle. 

Get ready to:​

Learn about stress's impact on the body and stress resilient strategies

Discover the best strategies to thrive with your new lifestyle. 


on all the features of this program to fully support you in your journey to healing and better health.

This customized program includes:

⁕16 weeks of online support

⁕Gold standard lab test of 170 foods/food chemicals

⁕Interpretation and analysis of lab results 

⁕Development of a customized done-for-you Lifestyle Eating And Performance Plan

⁕8 virtual face-to-face appointments

¬1 Initial Results (up to 60 minutes )

¬7 Follow-Up visits (up to 45 minutes each) 

⁕E-chat for all your Qs between appointments

Inflammation, Immunity & the Microbiome Mini Course

⁕The Food + Mood Digestion Connection Mini Course

⁕You Are What You Eat Digest +  Absorb Mini Course

⁕The Fluid Fix: Caffeine, Alcohol, Hydration Mini Course

⁕Rest + Destress for Better Digestion Mini Course

⁕Guide to Probiotics + Prebiotics

⁕Guide to Mindful + Intuitive Eating

⁕Guide to Life With LEAP

⁕Mindset + Healthy Habit Hacks

⁕Stress Resilient Strategies

⁕10 Pillars of Digestive Health Success

⁕Food, Fluid, Feelings Journal/Tracker

⁕BONUS: 2 additional months of weekly e-chat for total of 24 weeks of support

Ready to get started? 

I only take on a limited number of clients each month so I can give you my full support.

Do you choose to keep...


trying figure it out alone,

feeling overwhelmed,

feeling frustrated & 



Do you choose...

confidence that you're eating the right foods to nourish your body with a tailored plan for a long-term healthy lifestyle change.


to reduce inflammation, heal the gut, slash symptoms and beat the belly bloat and brain fog, fight the fatigue, defeat gas, diarrhea and urgency, start moving the scale and remembering what it's like to have energy for the day & start to feel like a new woman from the inside out?

Answers to your questions


I specialize in women's digestive health and focus on women are either  newly diagnosed or struggling with Crohn's, Colitis, IBS, Fibromyalgia, Migraines, Menopause, Parkinson's Disease, Rheumatoid Arthritis.


I also help women who are looking for a natural approach and don't want to jump to medication as the first or only option. I help women who are focused on being purposely proactive, motivated and committed to themselves and are looking to manage the symptoms of digestive dysfunction such as: bloating, brain fog, chronic fatigue, diarrhea, difficulty losing weight (despite trying everything), reflux, joint pain, eczema, psoriasis, headaches, 


This program is so much more than just 'telling you what to eat'. You will receive a done-for-you plan that is a lifestyle change.  I am here to support you in your journey, but your commitment to yourself and this program is crucial for this to succeed.  I will provide you with coaching, education and accountability and support to help you as best I can. 


This program is NOT a weight loss program.  This program is a holistic, integrative program that is focused on a customized approach to anti-inflammatory eating to heal and nourish your gut so that your symptoms have the best chance of resolving.


If you’re looking for a program to provide you with calorie counts, portion control and a meal plan, this is not the right fit. They feel physically and emotionally lighter. And they’re able to work out again (or start) because they have more energy, less pain, and fewer interruptions from stomach issues. 


I believe that your health is your greatest asset.  And, if you're reading this then you likely do, too.   If your health and symptoms are the things standing in your way of freedom, fun, clarity, happiness, intimacy, confidence, travel, adventure, family, career advancement, what is the cost to you in not investing in your health to get the solutions that you're looking for?  So, in your heart of hearts, ask yourself this..."what's the cost to my health by not doing this?"

You have no doubtedly spent alot of time and money so far on approaches that haven't worked for you and that's why you're here. 

This is the exact reason why I take a customized approach and do not give you "cookie cutter, generalized recommendations". I take a holistic, integrative approach and give you my full support throughout this customized program over the course of 4-6 months. This is a program you won't find anywhere else. 


I believe that you can’t put a price on your physical, mental, emotional health or a price on confidence and freedom to be able to eat and adventure without pain or distraction from your chronic health conditions.


When you have clear answers on how to heal your gut through food, this program will save you time and money on the long run. Therefore, with the customized approach of the Digestive Distress to Success Program with the Root Method,  anticipate to invest few thousand dollars in your health when you sign up for my program. 


When you apply for the program, if you are a good fit then I will offer you a spot in the program. The first step is making your payment, signing your client agreement so that we can get your labs ordered.  Once we schedule your initial results appointment, you can expect to start seeing a difference in your symptoms within the first 10 days, with the most significant improvements happening within the first month. While you are waiting for your results, the program begins with mini-courses for your review to prepare for your plan. 

Keep in mind this program is about addressing root causes of your digestive dysfunction through food with an anti-inflammatory approach to eating, so therefore  your success will depend on you, your symptoms and how much inflammation has been occurring in your body and how long it takes your body to rebalance your biochemistry.  


In order to serve you best and have the best chance of healing your gut there are some foods/beverages to avoid while we are rebalancing your biochemistry. This is due to the large number of ingredients, preservatives, chemicals, additives that are in our current food supply and we want to have the most accurate picture of what is triggering your symptoms through food. 

Therefore, if you feel that there is any food/beverage that you absolutely cannot give up for a period of time, this likely will not be the program for you as that item may be a reactive item for you, at the root of your symptoms. 

On this program, to have the best chances of success, expect to prepare foods at home with whole, real foods and putting a pause on restaurant food for approximately one month.