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The 4 Benefits of This Type Of Coffee


Chances are you’re a savvy customer when it comes to your health.

But, even the smartest of us can get overwhelmed with conflicting messages.

One thing that can get confusing is whether coffee helps or harms your health.

Well, I’ve got great news!

In addition to helping prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and many different kinds of cancer--coffee has been scientifically proven to help you boost your metabolism and lose weight!

Here’s why:

Coffee has anti-inflammatory effects

Coffee is so much more than a caffeine delivery system. A good cup of healthy coffee is high in antioxidants called chlorogenic acids, or CGAs.

These help fight the low grade inflammation in your cells that contribute to obesity by repairing damage on a cellular level.

Coffee boosts feel good chemicals

Ever heard of oxytocin?

You know, the chemical that you get from snuggling a kitten or getting a big ol’ hug? Not getting enough of that chemical can be a part of what causes people to go on binges of sweet and/or carb-packed foods like ice cream, candy, and cheese-puffs. Maybe even derail the hard work you've been doing to try managing your IBS.

Coffee can actually boost oxytocin, making it less likely that you’ll be rummaging around for months-old Halloween candy at midnight.

Coffee can help you feel fuller sooner

Coffee has been shown to help satiety-levels, which means your body gets the message to stop eating sooner. Coffee boosts serotonin levels and suppresses ghrelin levels, both of which help you feel less ravenous.

Here’s the catch…

Researchers saw that the people who got the most benefit from drinking coffee were drinking a certain kind of coffee. Specifically, they were drinking specialty blends that were high in antioxidants with no additives.

Drinking just any old coffee can lead to uncomfortable problems like upset stomach or caffeine jitters.

If it’s also made with industrially farmed beans rather than organic ones--that’s almost 97% of coffee--you’ll be exposed to pesticide residues.

Many of these are known hormone disruptors, which interfere with weight loss for one.

But never fear! Purity Coffee to the rescue!

There are a number of ways to maximize the benefits of your daily coffee fix so it’s much more than just a way to wake up. And one of the greatest ways to do that is choosing my favorite new coffee brand: Purity Coffee.

Purity Coffee — The official coffee of Kate Ricciardi

My team and I have had a chance to sample Purity’s antioxidant-rich whole bean coffee over the last few months, and we love it!

Not only is it delicious, but it made us feel healthy and energized without getting caffeine jitters or sour stomachs.

That’s probably because Purity hits all the right health targets from tree to cup--1. organic, specialty grade beans are 100% 2. mold free, 3. mycotoxin free, and 4. pesticide free.

They know this for sure because three different independent labs tested them.

And Purity’s scientifically-honed roasting method maximizes those metabolism-boosting, miracle-making antioxidants to over 65% the amount that’s contained in other organic coffees.

Ready to upgrade what's in your coffee cup?

I love to share all sorts of health and wellness tips.

Use my partner code kricciardird20 and you’ll receive 20% off your first order!

To health and happiness!

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