• Dr. Kate Ricciardi


When you see or hear the word hormone, you probably think of estrogen, maybe testosterone and progesterone too. These are all important for our emotional, mental and physical health.

We know that these hormones are made mainly in the ovaries but our gut microbiome is important here because the microbiome helps REGULATE the estrogen levels.

So, when our gut microbiome is working optimally, it will help keep estrogen levels under control and help you feel well.

But, when there’s an issue within your gut and your microbiome, it’s likely due to inflammation and the inflammatory response that’s occurring (and this is an underlying factor in so many conditions).

Or, maybe you’ve heard about leaky gut (this is a condition where the spaces within the gut get loose and start to allow things out of the intestine and into the blood stream that shouldn’t be there and these things can cause...

Brain fog. Fatigue. Difficulty losing weight or weight gain that seems to come out of nowhere (hello, menopause). Digestive issues like gas, bloating, diarrhea and IBS, Crohn's, Colitis, things like headaches, irritability, brain fog, difficulty concentrating and memory loss, excessive fatigue, anxiety, depression, difficulty losing weight and so much more.

So, last time I checked, you're not a diagnosis. You're a real live human and it's possible to have more than one thing going on. I bet these symptoms sound familiar and are the same for a number of conditions.

So when we have these issues within the gut, this inflammation or leaky gut, it makes it so much harder for our body to regulate the hormones, estrogen for example is a big one for women.

But also progesterone and other hormones and it then causes an imbalance. When this happens, it can lead to weight gain or difficulty losing weight, bloating, constipation, bowel discomfort, sweaty skin, decreased sex drive, hair loss, acne, loss of muscle mass, memory, brain fog, and painful menstrual cycles, feeling the constant ups and downs in mood and energy, sleep/ insomnia/ fatigue challenges ( and we can think of serotonin and melatonin here, too - they’re both regulated within the gut and impact our happiness,

sleep-wake cycle and the ability to have a good night’s sleep.

So, think about that - when the Insomnia and fatigue follow you, it can decrease your productivity, increase stress levels and take away from the happiness from your daily life.

And also with inflammation and then poor quality of sleep, it can lead to the immune system becoming weaker, and you will be more vulnerable to illness.

And when our gut is inflamed, it’s leaky; it's not able to absorb the nutrients that we need, which can also compound these problems. So maybe those foods that you’re eating or those supplements you are taking aren’t really giving you the benefit that you think or hope they are.

And, if it’s going on for a long time, it can also start to cause imbalances in other hormones like thyroid and cortisol which we think of as the stress hormone. This whole process is an overall stress on the body when things get out of balance.

It all starts with the gut.

So, what to do? Go with your gut. The ROOT Method is the place to start to get clear answers about what food is doing to impact your gut and symptoms.

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