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Just because a food is "good for you" doesn't mean it is good for YOU! - @rdnutritionco

Seriously. Just because a food is considered healthy, or even anti-inflammatory (as I'm sure most of us have heard about that "diet"), it doesn't mean it behaves that way inside everyone's body.

Gas. Bloating. Constipation. Fatigue. Brain fog. Headache. Migraine. Anxiety. Joint pain.

Yep, food sensitivities have been linked to these lovely things that you wish you never knew about. I can't say I ever talked to someone who wished for gas, fatigue and migraines.

Think about this. Lot's of people eat fish/shellfish/seafood and consider that healthy, right?

What if I told you that I got my own results of the MRT back and I am reactive to shrimp and tilapia. Raspberries. Peas. Chickpeas. I swore my own GI troubles were with oats. Nope!

Another client of mine is reactive to salmon...supposedly one of the best fish you can eat, right?

Or another can't go near scallops. Peas. Cherries. Avocado. Things that would surprise you.

I can't even count any more how many times I have heard: "But, that's supposed to be good for you"!

Once those foods got out of their "diet" (I use that term as the general lifestyle of eating/eating habits) they felt SO. MUCH. BETTER! (So did I.)

So, as yourself this...

Is YOUR food making YOU sick?

If you think YES! Then read on about my Signature Digestive Health and Inflammation Transformation Program. I work very closely with just a few people a month to really help figure things out through food.

If you are looking to optimize your wellness and are curious about what could be going on with you but you don't have any major diagnoses, then check out The Inflammation Transformation Workshop Series.

I really believe in that Hippocrates quote "let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". If you do to, let's talk. Apply here and let's determine what's the best way to get you to where you want to be.

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