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(and the questions to ask along the way)

No one's path is the same as yours.

There's power in being where you are. Just because the calendar has changed, doesn't mean you HAVE to have a resolution / change on the books. Sometimes the best gift you can give yourself is being content where you are and being grateful for what you have in your life.

Have you compared yourself to others only to feel like you're missing out on something? As my mentor says, don't get stuck in comparisonitis!

But, if you are in a place of growth and ready to accomplish something major this year, I have learned this past year how huge mindset is.

We've all met someone along the way who is full of negativity, pessimism, skepticism and you can feel it invade your own vibe.

That negativity focused mindset is like a wet blanket, dampening all around it, and it's not going to allow for anything productive to happen.

Sure, having a healthy sense of awareness and weighing all sides and evaluating something is a good move, but when the doubt and negativity outweigh everything else, it's hard to move forward.

In my desire for growth and change over this past year, I have developed 6 mindset shifts I have made that I hope can be helpful for you, too.

Let's talk about those 5 shifts, or hacks, if you will...

  1. Embracing growth

  2. Welcome the mistake(s)

  3. Take a step outside of your cozy comfort zone

  4. View self-care as a vital part of your day, routine

  5. Practice gratitude and celebrate the success of others

Stay tuned for this blog series to kick of 2020

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