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Embracing growth

Do you look at a challenge as an opportunity to learn, grow, improve? Or as a threat or obstacle to keep you where you are? If you embrace the growth mindset, you see challenges, a goal, or something new as an opportunity for growth or as a personal challenge to overcome.

This mindset allows you to look through the positive lens of life and not the negative. This mindset will allow you to dream big and take your ideas to the next level instead of being blocked by the “what if” or “I can’t” because “I don’t know, haven’t done it”or any other self-limiting belief.

Think about your goals, hopes, dreams, desires, wants as being on the way, instead of thinking about the obstacles in the way. When you have a growth mindset, it lends itself to believing more in yourself and your abilities. With a growth mindset, abilities can be developed and improved up on in time with experience and effort instead of being worried about what will happen if I make a mistake.

Q: How can this benefit me now and in the future?

Welcome the mistakes.

Speaking of “what if I make a mistake…Taking the risk involves learning from your mistakes and welcoming the opportunity.

Do you believe you can grow and experience things without making mistakes along the way?

I have heard oh I can’t possibly try making a vegetarian meal because what if it doesn’t come out very well? What if? What if it comes out amazing and it becomes your new favorite? There are always 2 sides, which side do you choose to focus your energy on?

I love the quote from Johnny Cash: "You build on failure. You use it as a stepping stone. Close the door on the past. You don't try to forget the mistakes, but you don't dwell on it. You don't let it have any of your energy, or any of your time, or any of your space."

The mistake can be an experience or starting point on a path to something else. Think about how you can learn and grow from the experience to move forward.

Never stop learning, being curious.

Q: How can I embrace this failure and learn from it?

Travel outside of your cozy comfort zone.

I feel this goes hand in hand with the 'what if I make a mistake' mindset.

Sometimes you just have to rip off the bandage, right? Doing something outside of the comfort zone and into a zone of where deep down you know you can do or try (but not so far out that you will immediately fail) will help you to learn something new about yourself.

Maybe it's just a foot into this zone and not a whole leap, but it's something.

You'll learn what works, what doesn't, adjust and try again.

For instance, if you say I want to go vegan…tomorrow. That’s not the best recipe for success.

Making a big transition like that takes some time, thought, and planning to ensure it’s done correctly for your health. If you said “I’d like to go vegan, so I’m going to start by substituting oil for butter” and then build from there, that will take you in the small achievable steps and help you feel that being in that zone just outside of comfort isn’t such a scary place.

Overwhelm will overpower you.

This mindset lends itself to forward progress, if you're afraid to make mistakes or get out of your comfort zone then it's really hard to move past that.

Think about the phrase "you're so smart”. If you have always been told you’re so smart and you do something and fail then you may not believe yourself to be ‘smart’ because the task wasn't done correctly.

It's not that you're not ‘smart’; you tried something new and learned something in the process to try it again and improve upon the past. You're learning something new in the process.

Q: “Is the time now for my plan to make this happen successfully?”

View your self-care as a vital part of your day, routine.

I focus on the link between the gut and the brain. There’s no denying the gut-brain axis and it’s effect on our body and mind.

Our physical and mental health both play a part in keeping us alert, focused, motivated, driven, determined.

Neurotransmitters are made, up to 95%, in our gut. And they play a major role in our movement, emotions, mental health and digestive health. These things rely on a healthy balance of neurotransmitters and can affect our stress response.

Stress impacts our gut by affecting nutrient absorption, reducing blood flow and can lead to decreased metabolism.

Have you ever had difficulty sleeping, so much so that you’ve been told to take some serotonin?

Or, you have had a poor sleep and you know that it’s going to be a long day because of ?

Or there is a chronic stress in your life and you feel so exhausted by the end of the day or feel butterflies in your stomach?

Q: What’s one small change I make right now to address this XYZ that's standing in my way of being able to nurture my physical, mental, emotional health?

Practice gratitude and celebrate your successes (and others).

Celebrating and appreciating others for their successes and holding them in a place of admiration instead of resentment can help you focus on your path towards accomplishment also.

Resentment comes from a place of negativity and we now can see that it can be that roadblock to your own success instead of focusing on the positive and using it as a motivator to say that " i can do this too"

If you choose to focus on the positive and celebration for yourself and others there's less room for the resentment or jealousy to take over. Let the success of others inspire you to create your path.

A mindset of gratitude and appreciation, being grateful for having that person in your life to inspire you, will help to fuel your continued desire for growth and change and positive aspiration.

Q: What am I grateful for today?

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