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4 DANGERS HIDING IN YOUR COFFEE (& 1 delicious way to avoid them)

Science has proven that coffee provides so much more than a pick me up. Over 19,000 studies prove that the antioxidants and other compounds in coffee increase longevity and prevent disease. Coffee reduces chances of both cardiac arrest and type 2 diabetes by around 30%. It lowers risk of Alzheimer’s by 65% and liver cancer by 40%. The list goes on.

The bad news is that some coffees contain problems that can stand in the way of some of its outstanding health benefits. Are they in yours?


Of all the coffee grown on the planet, only 3% is organic. The rest are sprayed with pesticides at multiple points throughout their growth, permeating the porous coffee cherries. Many countries have very loose regulatory standards for what they export, and the United States doesn’t have any rules about pesticide residue on imported coffee.


Some natural mycotoxins can develop on coffee--both the bean and fungi thrive in hot, damp environments. One of these compounds is called Ochratoxin A, which has been proven to cause major kidney problems. Of all the toxins to avoid in coffee, this one is right up there at the top.


There are a few studies that tie acrylamide to cancer, and a lot more hype than necessary. A little bit of acrylamide forms on anything that is baked, roasted, or otherwise cooked from toast to French fries. There is a little bit of it in coffee, but it is possible to reduce the amount to almost nothing depending on how you roast it.


Coffee producers sometimes try to compensate for contaminants and pesticides by burning the toxins out of the beans. This can actually introduce different harmful compounds called polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, or PAHs. The compounds develop when a food item is burnt or scorched, and are proven carcinogens. Plus, they just make the coffee taste bad!

Luckily, there are ways to make sure these unhealthy elements of coffee never affect you.

Purity, my new favorite coffee, makes every decision with health as its top priority. Here’s how they do that in each period of the production cycle:

  • Organic coffee is grown pesticide-free.

  • Beans are rated Specialty Grade, which means they're uniform and free of imperfections - allowing for a very even roast.

  • Smokeless roasting virtually eliminates acrylamide.

  • Roasting stops short of the point where PAHs develop, with a just-right medium roast.

  • Coffee is shipped straight to your door in nitrogen flushed bags, roastery-fresh!

I've tasted the difference, and can feel it too. Not only is it delicious, but the high antioxidant content also gives a feeling of well-being that stays with you throughout the day.

I'd love for you to get the opportunity to experience what not only I have but my clients, too!

Here's a recipe for Ultimate Energy Bites too, to get a bit more creative with coffee.

If during this time of social distancing, if you're looking for a little self-care pick me up, Purity Coffee® is offering 20% off your first order when you use the code KRICCIRD20 at checkout. Check it out.

Let's meet at the intersection of coffee and health. You’ll be happy to be there.☕

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