1. How long does it take to see results? 

This answer varies, because it depends on you. We know that inflammation is involved in so many conditions. When the foods that are causing an inflammatory response in your body are removed from your diet, then your body is able to clear, rebalance it's biochemistry and allow the healing and change to happen by reducing your symptoms. I wish there was a magic answer for this, but everyone is different. it depends on how long you have been going through this and if there are any other factors to consider. As I mentioned, this may be the first step in the journey or your missing puzzle piece.  There's no guarantee when we are dealing with real live humans, but my goal is using evidence based practice to guide you along the way. 
Keep in mind that most people feel 50-80% better in 2-3 weeks after starting their new plan. 

2. What if it doesn’t work for me? 
I'm not able to predict the future, wouldn't that be nice?! But I can tell you that so many, thousands, that not only I have worked with but so many other Registered Dietitian Nutritionists / Certified LEAP Therapists have worked with and have had successes with people experiencing IBS among so many other diagnoses. I am a believer in evidence based practice. I've given you the tip of the iceberg into the literature linking inflammation and the gut.  If we begin to feel stuck, then there is likely something else going on besides just IBS. There are many other options for us to consider, too. But the first step in treating so many digestive conditions is to heal the gut. I also have a team of clinicians in my corner to either refer to or collaborate with. 

3. I’ve seen similar stuff in the past—what makes this different? 
Perhaps you're thinking of some of those over-the-counter tests that look at food. What I can tell you is this. The gold standard in testing that I use is unlike anything else that is available. This testing uses technology, developed by board certified immunologists, focused on the inflammatory response to food and is only available through Certified LEAP Therapists that are well experienced in the links between inflammation and the gut. This is unlike what you are able to get over-the-counter as many of those tests look at a completely different reaction which isn't the real story about what's going on in the gut and can cause you to over eliminate foods in your diet.  

4. What if I don’t have much time to spend on it right now?
If you're thinking I don't have the time to devote to myself right now, to focus on eating real, whole foods and temporarily stop the take out, restaurants, fast food where you don't know the exact ingredients that you're eating then you're right. It's not the time for you. This is for the woman who is willing, able to make some changes in her life to prioritize herself, doing some planning and meal prep to give herself the biggest chance of success. So take a step back and really look at how you spend your day, how much time do you spend commuting, cooking, working, and ahem, scrolling social media... (I know, I know, we're all guilty of it) and that's the thing that I have had so many women thank me for - just pointing that out to them.  But, maybe you really do just need some time to think about it and think about how you can fit this into your life and wait for the next time the doors open for enrollment. That's cool. I want you to do this when you're ready. 

5. Will it be a good fit for me?
I think you're already knowing the answer to this one. If you've listened to the masterclass and have nodded your head along the way then this is likely a good fit for you. And this is exactly why I created the First Step Call. If you're serious about enrolling, we will talk about where you currently are and make sure that this is the fit for you. This is something that we both need to be in agreement on before I can offer you enrollment into my series. 

6. What foods are tested with this? 

The MRT tests for a total of 170 foods and food - chemicals. 

Here are some extras, too.

Who is eligible?

*MUST reside in VT, MA, CT, NY, NJ, NC, SC, VA, WV, IN, WI, MI, OK, TX, WY, ID, CO, UT, AZ, WA, CA, HI, AK*

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