Master The One Major Strategy to Confidently Calm Your Gut

(And Command Control Over Your IBS/Crohn's/Colitis)

What would life look like for you if you could be feeling 50-80% better in 2-3 weeks?

What would you be able to say YES to

instead of your body telling you NO?

"I can't be the only one that feels this way, right?" 


Since I began working with women who were on their own exhaustive, frustrating digestive health struggle, just like I was, this is the one thing I kept hearing over and over.


This is what led me to develop this group program. I wanted to give other women a sense of community and support to help them along on this journey to healing.  Because if you haven't been in this struggle, you just don't quite get it. 

  • The  stress over not knowing where the next bathroom is when you're trying to travel, or having to miss out on plans...

  • The sense of anxiety over not being able to be as present with your children as you'd like...

  • The resentment of seeing others eat what they want and not having any consequences from it...

  • The uncertainty over when is my next flare going to happen...

  • The worry over will I pass out again from the pain...

  • The distress over thinking I don't want to rely on medication the rest of my life...

  • The fear of "is this the rest of my life?" 

  • My doctor just doesn't get it and doesn't seem to care...


This powerful program uses the same proven framework I use working with my clients one-on-one with the added bonus of the group community. This sense of community is something I feel passionately about to help lift other women up in their journey, in a space of optimism, commitment to health.

If you're a motivated woman who refuses to be defined by her diagnosis,and work with a provider who understands where you're coming from, then get the details here...


Are you ready to take your health to the next level? 

Stop struggling and

START living.

You've been feeling like you've tried everything with no real results and your symptoms wearing on you right along with your frustration.


It’s time to get clear answers about what is going on inside your own body.  You don't need to feel alone anymore. 


You're committed to the long game. You desire to stop struggling and know that it's time to take your health to the NEXT LEVEL.

Imagine what your life would be like with less worry, abdominal pain, exhaustion, frustration and more freedom, energy, confidence so you can be there for your relationships, enjoy the moments that matter.


The Digestive Distress to Success Online Workshop Series is a one-of-a-kind 4 month group coaching program focused on customized results and designed for the motivated woman who is...


  • Tired of wasting valuable time and energy,

  • Done feeling overwhelmed from all the different advice that leaves you more confused and overwhelmed,

  • Ready to get the answers needed to figure this out once and for all,

  • Over hearing the generalized recommendations of standard elimination diets,

  • Serious about her health, motivated and committed to herself and has that independent drive to take control of her digestive distress.

You will have access to an easy-to-follow, online workshop series that gives you a clear plan for understanding what foods are causing inflammatory reactions in your body, what foods work best for you and a step-by-step framework for how to heal your gut, slash your symptoms and help you to optimize your health and wellness. 

Thank you to Dr. Ricciardi. It has been an amazing life changing experience working with her. Although I thought I was eating healthy, after working with Dr. Ricciardi I was able to identify that just because a food is good for you it was in fact not good for me. After just 1 month of the program I began to feel less bloating, less upset GI and with some exercise I actually lost 10 lbs and began to feel like myself again. I would highly recommend that everyone should consult with Dr. Ricciardi and learn how she can help you!


Using a customized eating plan based on individual results will give you clarity on what foods work for you, not against you to reduce inflammation and not provoke it. It IS possible.

Your health isn't one size fits all, neither should be your nutrition.

Digestive Distress to Success Online Workshop Series

Phase 1


Initiate your path to digestive wellness by laying the powerful foundation for success in the first 3 weeks of this program while waiting for your results. 

  • Discover how your digestion impacts more than just your IBS/Crohn's/Colitis

  • Gain clarity on how inflammation, hydration, fiber and so much more affects your overall health

  • Commit to yourself during this process to make the biggest impact on your accomplishments

  • Explore how mindset impacts your health and identify areas to rebalance.

  • Initiate your inflammation transformation with the gold standard for anti-inflammatory eating with the MRTIII

Digestive Distress to Success Online Workshop Series

Phase 2

Clarify and Nourish

Get ready for a genuine game changer during our 6 weekly live office hours calls, plus get ready to see results.

  • Identify what foods and food chemicals are causing an inflammatory reaction and most likely your digestive symptoms

  • Receive a customized breakdown of what foods and food chemicals are the least, moderate and highly reactive for you. 

  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Online Group Coaching

  • Gain confidence and clarity as you receive a step-by-step framework designed for you to start your Lifestyle Eating And Performance plan.

  • Remove and replace the culprits from your diet and work towards slashing your symptoms

  • Participate in weekly support and guidance about how to successfully implement these changes and make a big impact in your gut health. 

  • Increase your confidence in your new lifestyle

  • Learn ways to repopulate your gut for optimal health and digestion

  • Repair your gut with reduced inflammation and your customized plan to improve absorption. 

  • Track your intake and access a food journal review

  • Discover my 10 pillars of digestive health to build a solid foundation for success

Digestive Distress to Success Online Workshop Series

Phase 3

Heal and Thrive

Let's take this new lifestyle to the next level in weeks 10-20.

  • Receive the self-study Life with LEAP Wrap-Up  Guide for guidance on how/when to challenge yourself on the reactive foods tested from your lab results.

  • Our immune system has memory and some foods that you were initially reactive to may not have to be gone and lost forever.

  • Make an impact in your life beyond food by rebalancing your stress. 

  • Rebalance and learn how lifestyle and stress affects our gut health. 

  • Receive the Guide to Mindful and Intuitive Eating​

  • While you are working through this workshop, you may notice that you relationship with food has changed or is changing.

  • Access mindful and intuitive eating strategies to further cement the foundation of what you have learned through this series. 

  • Receive a weekly anti-inflammatory recipe aimed at promoting continued healthy digestion, reducing inflammation with whole, plant based ingredients. 

  • Q&A with answers once weekly


The IBS: Distress to Success Online Workshop Series 



Phase 1  is designed specifically to lay the foundation for success by helping you  develop a deeper understanding of digestion, inflammation and it's impact on not only the gut, but the body as a whole.  This phase will help you to gain clarity on your wellness and make the most out of this workshop series.

  • ​For the woman who is independently driven and motivated, the phase 1 Workshop Workbooks will help you  lay a solid foundation to your new Lifestyle Eating And Performance Plan with includes guidance on Preparing To Take The LEAP, Why MRT (Mediator Release Test), All About Digestion, Immune System And Microbiome, Hydration - Fluid Needs, Effects Of Alcohol And Caffeine On The Gut, Fiber - Types, Sources, Needs, Inflammation - How It Affects Me, The 5R Approach To Healing Your Gut, Medications, Supplements, Vitamins, Personal Care Products For Skin​

  • You will  have 3 weeks to complete the material while you are waiting for your customized plan to be developed for you using

  • The Mediator Release III test, the gold standard in ant-inflammatory testing, gives information that no other blood test can give. 


Phase 2 is designed to teach your how to implement  your customized Lifestyle Eating And Performance plan. Attend 6 Weekly Live Office Hours Calls to have receive answers to your questions, coaching and guidance as well as a community of support from other women who can relate to what you're going through.

  • Customized Analysis/Results/LEAP Development based on MRTIII results

  • 6 Weekly  Live Office Hours Sessions

Submit workshop related questions ahead of time for me to efficiently answer live and maximize our time together. Option to join live and meet others going through the series or watch the replay. 

  • Workshop Series Self-Study Workbooks

10 Pillars designed to optimize your digestive health and further support you while you pave your way to a realistic, long-term lifestyle change through food using your new Lifestyle Eating And Performance Plan.

  • Healthie Chat Community Membership

Utilize the HIPPA compliant feature to ask me questions and get responses during the 6 week live office hours calls. Join other women who are also taking their IBS from distress to success in a positive, nurturing, supportive environment.  Have the opportunity to build new supportive relationships in this amazing community.

  • Food Journal Review

Detail your food intake during this transformation and have the ability for me to review, help you troubleshoot or provide suggestions along the way. This is a critical piece to amplify success, troubleshoot(if needed) and to provide supportive accountability. 

Plus These Super Special  Phase 3 BONUSES To Take It To The Next Level

Phase 3 is designed to focus on rebalancing. Stress and gut health don't mix. To truly heal and tie the pretty bow on the hard work you have done to get to this point, it's important to focus on rest, relaxation and how to rebalance your lifestyle. Whether it's yoga, meditation, mindfulness, sleep, and more, we'll cover this concept here to round out the process. I believe in taking a person centered approach and not just a diagnosis.

  • Bonus 1 - An additional 10 weeks of Q&A support for questions submitted through Healthie Chat and answered once weekly. 

  • Bonus 2 - Private Healthie Group Membership ongoing access. Your group will stay engaged as long as the conversation needs to keep going. Think of this as a HIPAA compliant Facebook group :)

  • Bonus 3 - Life With LEAP - This guide will provide you with guidance on how / when to challenge yourself on the reactive foods tested from your lab results. Our immune system has memory and it doesn't necessarily mean all foods that you tested reactive for need to be gone and lost forever. You will receive the framework for the how and when to do this. 

  • Bonus 4- Guide to Mindful and Intuitive Eating - While you are progressing through this workshop, you may notice that you relationship with food has changed (pre workshop series) or is changing during this time. I have spent alot of time with my private clients discussing mindful and intuitive eating to further cement the foundation of what you have learned through this series and focus on the rebalancing in our modern lifestyles.

  • Bonus 5 - Weekly  Anti-Inflammatory Recipe​ - Receive a recipe each week during this series focused on promoting continued healthy digestion and reducing inflammation. The amazing recipes are focused on plant based, whole food ingredients. 

  • Bonus 6 - Priority Access to enroll in my new program for the next step of gut health, which is focused on absorption. You have heard the old saying of you are what you eat, but more importantly you are what you absorb. So, get ready to take a closer look at what your digestion is telling you and get laser focused answers on what and how to appropriately supplement your intake. You'll be able to stop the overwhelm and time spent in the vitamin aisle just guessing at what might be good for you. 

Get ready to finally take back control of your health by healing your gut.

I will be with you every step of the way.

This is either the missing piece in your journey or the first step in your health and wellness journey. 

Save Your Seat...

Seats are limited for our

February 10 start date. 

Digestive Distress to Success Online Wor

So, if all this workshop did was tell you the answers you needed as to what foods are actually causing your inflammation and contributing to your symptoms, would it be worth it?

Would it be worth it to stop the guessing and/or trial and error know what foods to focus on?

If all this course did was to take the overwhelm away of trying to figure this out on your own and gave you a step-by-step strategy, would it be worth it?

Here's Why You Need To Join The Digestive Distress to Success Online Workshop Series Today

The best time to start healing your gut was yesterday, the next best time is today. It takes time to heal your gut, rebalance your body's biochemistry, and begin healing. This isn't an overnight fix. 


You can't get time back and we know that there's been alot of time and money spent, maybe you've even felt wasted on things that haven't worked. The question is... is this the time to make the change or are you comfortable letting more time pass? Are you comfortable guessing, with more trial and error? Or, are you ready to get answers and a customized plan?


This step-by-step framework will give you the answers as to what foods are causing your inflammation and irritating your gut. Having a reduced level of food induced inflammation in your body will benefit you in the long run, as I mentioned it being a part of so many diagnosis that you may experience now or in the future...

You'll have me in your corner with you and not being rushed through a 10 minute visit. You feel the potential of what could be, knowing that in the first 2-3 weeks of starting this plan you could be feeling 50-80% better like so many others have experienced, and you will have someone guiding you along, not leaving you to figure this out on your own anymore. You feel confident knowing that you can reach out with your questions and they will be answered weekly. 

Still Thinking?

Option 1

Think about this and do it "later"

(100% Risk Free doing nothing).


Nothing changes and you're still doing the same thing. 

Maybe you have a few other questions, check out my FAQ answers here and a sneak peek at the list foods and food chemicals tested. 

Option 2 

Move into 2020 STRONGER, paving your way to wellness, with better with a sense of clarity and confidence with your customized plan.


You're ready to commit 100% to yourself. You know it's time.

Ready To Take The LEAP?

I've set aside some 45-minute spots on my calendar for your First Step call with me.  You'll apply for the series and we will discuss your current health concerns. This call gives me a better understanding on where you are in your journey, and to ensure that we are a good fit to work together.  Workshop enrollment is LIMITED, book your call today. 

I want you to know these spots are not for everyone, these are only for the woman who is:

ready RIGHT NOW to take action and move forward with healing her gut, committed to herself and ready for a realistic lifestyle change, ready and willing to invest in herself and her health, ready and willing to put in the work and follow my step-by-step framework to get results. 

It’s not for those who are "on the fence" or not sure if this is really what they want to do. It’s for women who are driven and ready to take action and believe in the power of food!

Are you nodding your head yes?  

CLICK HERE to reserve your spot now.


These calls are limited, so be sure to grab your session before another amazing woman does.

I look forward to getting to know you. 

Dr. Kate Ricciardi

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