I help women defeat their digestive distresses & chronic conditions so that they can calm their symptoms & finally feel as fantastic as they are.  

​Are you ready to say goodbye to these life-disrupting symptoms?

I bet you're feeling frustrated too because it seems like no one wants to really listen to you and it's easier to just be given a prescription... 


You're probably overwhelmed with all the different things you've been told to try, but you're lost on where (or how) to start. 

You're defeated by your flare-ups making you miss out on family moments and career opportunities.  

Right now you might be feeling too exhausted and/or foggy to even put a plan in place and concentrate on the recommendations. 

I mean, it's not fun to dread heading to the table for a meal because you just don't know the consequences, or feeling so bloated you look pregnant after it (but you're not)


You know that your health is your biggest asset & you're done with wasting your time with trial & error.


Discover what's at the root of your chronic symptoms so you can begin to heal your gut & nourish your body so that you can feel like the amazing woman you are. 


The ROOT Method is here to help you do just that. 

Imagine what it would be like if you knew exactly what to do to calm your symptoms, and...

confidently go out with your favorite people and not have to scan for the restroom first before anything else and you could say YES to that meal knowing that it won't cause your symptoms to flare

have the energy to take that yoga class you've been missing and plan your adventure with your family without having to add in extra time for unexpected stops

take it to the next level in your career with focus, energy and clarity

and be present for your relationships instead of feeling distracted by your symptoms 

feel comfortable in your body without the bloating, gas, reflux



I have been working through anxiety,and IBS for years. Once I did the program I was amazed to see how much better I felt once I knew exactly what foods to focus on in my diet.


For me, getting rid of barley was a major shift in my life! I was able to get through a workday without missing a beat for the first time in a very long time, not to mention feeling calmer and having more control of my social anxiety. Thank you so much! 


I know this is possible for you, too.

I'm passionate about helping women feel as fantastic as they are, get the answers they need, and give them the support I wish I had.  

Imagine being able to  focus on the important things in your life... 

I'll help you discover a root cause of your symptoms so that you can enjoy all the moments in your personal/professional life that you've been missing out on.

I'll help you uncover the factors that are affecting your digestive health through customized testing so that you can calm your fears around food, stop guessing what to do next and break the exhaustive cycle of trial and error with a customized step-by-step plan.

I'll help you establish your daily mindset practice so that you can enjoy eating and upgrade your relationship with food.

And so much more...

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