What would life look like for you with customized answers that gave you a proven step-by-step plan to address your symptoms?

Hey there, I'm Dr. Kate Ricciardi, DPT RDN CLT

I help motivated, health-conscious women who struggle with abdominal pain, bloating, fatigue, headache/migraine, balancing hormones and other unpleasant and life altering symptoms that go along with IBS, PCOS, or Migraine.

I use my proven framework to help women heal their gut and stop guessing what "elimination diet" to try next, so they can get clarity on what to do, improve confidence that it is possible to reduce symptoms and get back to enjoying their relationships, social life and traveling without having  a diagnosis and it’s symptoms top of mind. 

If you're  a woman struggling with your health, and you're committed, motivated, and ready to take control of your symptoms let me tell you what I do. 

Grab my powerful Cheat Sheets to get the answers you need if you are struggling with IBS, PCOS, and/or Migraines. 

I'd love to tell you how I can help you.

I help empower women who are struggling with their IBS, PCOS, and/or Migraines to take control of their symptoms with a customized, evidence-based approach to nutrition.


  • If you are feeling that your diagnosis is taking over your life and you're only seen as your diagnosis, we can change that.


  • STOP the guessing, the trial and error, and frustration that comes with it. I am here to guide you to be the best advocate for your own health. You don't have to be defined by your diagnosis.  

  • You're ready to take the overwhelm away and replace it with confidence and clarity so that you are able to show up in this world in the way that you want, work towards living the life you envision for yourself. Whether that is to reduce your pain, fatigue, bloating, balance blood sugar, hormones,  or not have the constant worry of where the nearest bathroom is...I'm here to help. 

  • Clearly identify what foods and food-chemicals are causing an inflammatory reaction (aka your symptoms) using the gold standard for testing.

  • Improve your confidence that it is possible to reduce your symptoms of pain, fatigue, bloating, diarrhea so you can feel confidence in booking that family trip or girls day out, without those things being top of mind.

  • I help committed and motivated women to heal past struggles and to move forward on a solid foundation of health to succeed with a long term, realistic lifestyle change through food. 

  • I'm here to help you work towards being able to calm your urgent, painful IBS symptoms; to balance your blood sugar for PCOS to reduce your risk of diabetes; identify food and food-chemical triggers for Migraine symptoms to increase migraine and pain free days, and so much more.

  • Stop missing out on your life and let's work towards remembering your purpose outside of this diagnosis. 

Our digestive health plays a part in so many conditions. The first step is healing your gut. Let me show you how to really make an impact on your health.

Today, more and more women are choosing to take charge of their health. because they don't want to be defined by their diagnosis. There is more out there than just taking a pill and a rushed appointments. There is purpose to life outside of your IBS, PCOS, Migraines. More and more women are realizing that food can be a root cause of symptoms and are ready for customized answers to get a higher level of confidence in their lives. 

You probably feel like you've tried everything there is and nothing will ever really work for you.


I'm here to tell you that there IS something missing from your plan. Something that can stop holding you back from getting what you want, feeling how you want.

Can you imagine...


  • what your life would be like if you were able to clearly identify food and food chemicals causing your symptoms,

  • get a step-by-step plan and stop guessing what is working and what isn't,

  • that it IS possible to decrease abdominal pain, bloating, diarrhea, fatigue, difficulty with weight loss

  • being able to travel and not having to worry if there is bathroom near by,

  • being in the moment and not think about your symptoms all the time

  • enjoying a social life with friends & family,

  • a return to intimacy with your partner,

  • calming the fears around food and improving your  relationship with food.

What if...


you were able to have a step-by-step plan for how to calm your symptoms just by changing the foods you eat?

With a customized plan, plus:

  • a motivated, committed woman who cares about her health, not just now but for the future...

  • a fearless woman who is willing to do what it takes to get some real results, once and for all...

  • a confident woman who knows that the foods you're eating are important...

  • a driven woman who wants to be able to start saying YES to plans and travel with friends and family and have the confidence to go out...

  • a mindful woman who is ready to be present for yourself, your relationships, your career...

  • a joyful woman who wants to enjoy food again without the fear and worry

I know this is possible for you, too. You've probably already tried "all the things" and I get it.


I was there, too with my own health struggles. 


Success Stories

I'm a pretty healthy person, but I couldn't figure out what was causing my skin rash. I was sick of the steroid creams that didn't seem to be working that well. When I found out that food could be a cause, I was intrigued. I wish I did this sooner. Making a few changes to the foods that I am eating and my skin is SO much better. Thank you. I'm relieved to know what foods were aggravating my skin. 

R. R. 

Thank you to Dr. Ricciardi. It has been an amazing life changing experience working with her. Although I thought I was eating healthy, after working with Dr. Ricciardi I was able to identify that just because a food is good for you it was in fact not good for me. After just 1 month of the program I began to feel less bloating, less upset GI and with some exercise I actually lost 10 lbs and began to feel like myself again. I would highly recommend that everyone should consult with Dr. Ricciardi and learn how she can help you!

J. C. 

I have been working through anxiety, and IBS for years. Once I did the program I was amazed to see how much better I felt once I knew exactly what foods to focus on in my diet. For me, getting rid of barley was a major shift in my life! I was able to get through a workday without missing a beat for the first time in a very long time. Thank you so much! 


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